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Equitable Teaching Online is a professional development course that was developed by California Community College administrators, researchers, staff and former faculty to address challenges faculty may have when designing online courses that support diverse students. This professional development module is intended to be used as a foundational framework for examining one’s own online course design. The entire module is calculated to take no more than 15 hours or three hours for 5 days. This brevity of this course is intentional. The designers know educator time is limited, so the course focuses on maximizing each moment used by teaching faculty to work smarter not harder. Comparable courses take as much as 27 hours to complete.
The Course Designed For Faculty
Each lesson was designed to quickly educate faculty about how to comply with diversity standards, such as ADA and LGBTQ inclusiveness, as they create course content. By the end of the course faculty will have assembled the foundations of an online course. 

 While other professional development use Zoom lectures and worksheets to deliver content, Equitable Teaching Online delivers more through concise video lectures, templates, infographics, reflective journal prompts, and assignment ideas. The course also introduces educators to easy to learn digital strategies, tutorials, and free online resources faculty can use immediately to create lessons that keep students wanting more.

Faculty Walk Away With A Completed Online Course In Less Than One Week
By the end of Equitable Teaching Online, faculty will have created a complete online course. Each component of those courses will begin with students’ in mind and with the goal of improving outcomes for students. Faculty will have taken ownership of intended goals and student performance by developing culturally relevant curriculum. That curriculum will directly address the long-standing forms of institutionalized marginalization that negatively affect student success and retention.
Developed In Consultation With

Dr. Kenya Mitchell

Author, Researcher and Digital Educator 

Tanisha L. Burrus

Co-Founder and Educational Advisor

Elizabeth Flores

Researcher, Podcaster and Student Advocate

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